Sunday, March 13, 2011

Things I love about Friday

It's been a late-posting because it is Saturday night now.
I was supposed to write about this on Friday night, or the latest on Saturday afternoon.
Well, I can explain...
It had been raining non-stop the whole afternoon which made me over-napping on my roomate's bed,
with my Russian classic <<First Love>> written by Ivan Turgenev, spread open on page 87 on my left.

So, Cellyn Miinyee and I had a movie marathon on Friday.
 The first movie was 127 Hours. Yeah, James Franco did it! I was a little over-reacted most of the time which technically made Cellyn speechless. I always do this. I always imagine myself as the character inside when i was watching a movie. 
Wow, I thought I could feel how Aron feel like when the rock hit his hand. I could never believe that moment and I would spend some time making me believe that it was my hand beneath that stupid rock and it was my blood spread over the rock However, I would never have the courage to cut my arm.

The second movie we had was The Fighter. It was a great movie!
Thanks to Cellyn for her great choice and her brilliant taste on movies!
Hey people, you should ask her out or date her!!

There was less than an hour's time for lunch before the second movie.
We had Kim Gary set lunch for our lunch. KG set lunch is my favourite lunch and it is what we had almost every time we spend our afternoon at Mid Valley.
Oh.. Maybe she would like to have some thing else, but she's still allow me. I should be grateful!

Time was so short as we both had other things to carry out in our routine.
So we went back rather early. Earlier than our normal outing.
It was a great outing though!! I had great times!

I went jogging afterwards, in the drizzle.
I thought the rain had stopped but it was still drizzling.
I followed my normal route, I don't know how long is the exact distance.
If someone knows, please tell me.
It felt so good, being sweaty in the cold and in the drizzle.

Running in the drizzle made me see different things or because it's Friday??
*The people I passed smiled to me, and a guy who smiled broadly. The smile was impressive and I must admit that I like it.
*And there were less car, less campus buses, less runners on the track.
*A runner which I pass by every time I run side-glancing me coldly. 
*I smile to him every time he looks at me and he barely smile back, a forceful smile.
But this glance confused me, I guessed he hardly had energy to widen his lips to make a smile while jogging, not while he was jogging up the slope.
* A group formed by 3 male runners praised me, they said" Ah moi, you cepat la!"
I ran pass them roughly 1km after i started my journey.
I just smiled to them and thought inside my heart.
"With all due respect, kamu sangat lambat la.." they must be walking!
* There were extra ordinary more water drops around my face. some even pouring down my face. Were they rain drops or the sweats from my body?

Things I love to do on Friday:

<3 Dine in a nice restaurant and have nice food. Japanese, French, Itallian, American or so on.
<3 Have a cup of really good coffee, and a book in front of me. Have nothing to worry but time to enjoy both!
<3 Going to movies with my friends, Movie marathon perhaps.
<3 Napping cozily with a good story book at my side
<3 Enjoy bubble bath in a bath tub. Which I could never do it for now.
<3 Having delicacy dessert or ice-cream.
<3 Visiting Wonderful at Pet Society, watching him eating his electronic ice-cream and cakes
<3 Lying on my bed, with my head on the foot of my bed, reading a good book.
<3 Enjoy watching Nikita, Vampire's Diary or Gossip girl.
<3 Watching the rain
<3 Have a whole body massage and foot reflexology 
<3 To do absolutely nothing

Things above were just a wish list.
There are so much to worry for now~~

I will write again.
Good night!


  1. walau.. watch so much movie meh... i just watch unknown ... quite nice too

  2. wow, so enjoyable Friday night!!! Great, that can make people keep a nice mood for followed week.

  3. @Nikel: Unknown nice?!! Glad to hear that. We were thinking to watch that too but timing not suit us.. Next week i will go watch. Thanks anyway!

    @Jeannie: SO bad you didnt join us =)

  4. so chio lo u, fully utilise ur time :)
    i watched 127 hours also, simple but true...
    I would also never have the courage to cut my arm~

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. =.=" after deleted will left something there de ar? =.=" just type wrong and wanna repost....
    i said: I want join!!! Let's go for [Black Swan]!!!! XD

  7. @Black swan? watch laptop la.. go there not worth leh. You free ticket, Miinyee and I not free leh.. Haha =)

  8. hahaha... okok~ other movie... XD