Friday, March 25, 2011


Issshhhh... It's the last day of Career Path 2011.
Considering the frequency, I have visited DTC for THREE times. Once on the first day, twice today.
I attended an interview by Konica Minolta this morning.
I was so relieved that I was able to wake up on time. 
There was an IQ test for the candidates before interview session. Each of us has only 10 minutes.
The night before I had convinced myself that I would be fine on that because I managed to pass my PTS when I was 9 years old. You might think it's ridiculous because it was like centuries ago.
For the interview, I guess I have screwed it up...
I couldn't even explain my job responsibility during internship when the sweet-smile-HR-lady asked me.
Luckily I prepared the drawings the night before, and when I showed them the drawings, at least I had something to tell.

Song remains the same.
It ended with " We'll contact you".
Well, I'd really like to hear from them soon.

I went jogging with Lye Kean Chiong this evening.
Very unusual because i am alone most of the time.
I usually bump into him on the hill top while he jogs from the opposite direction.
I was just randomly asking him whether he still jogs recently when we were at DTC. And then he said he was going to jog later. I invited him to jog together with me but I kind of regret of saying it right after those words came out my mouth. But he seemed totally okay with it and he said meet him at 12th at five.
Ohhh...Finally there's someone who's willing to jog with me.
But we walked most of the way, he walked, actually.. I walked because he stopped running and start walking. and we talked about a lot of things.

The funniest part was he did mention that he noticed some of the girls in class have belly fats. And he described that when they sit, the belly fat compressed and  looks like a SPRING to him. Haha @@ 
He asked me to go gym after that, but i refused to... because I used to go there once, and there was crowded with big muscular men.

The GREATEST thing about today is: My 1st year buddy Eric and the gang have just delivered some great food from pasar malam!!! 
This don't happen always~There were Tang yuan in soy milk and Takoyaki. Yum @@ =)
So happy now ^^

Thanks Eric, and also Toni =)
Among all the buddies in my buddy line, Eric and I are the closest one. Weird.. I am the only girl in my buddy line since first year and that makes me feel very boring.

I will write again =)

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