Thursday, March 3, 2011

Another Running Event

I was invited to join a running race held by military club of 5th college last Sunday.
The prizes were not that attractive.
Well, There was no harm giving it a try.
The distance of the race was about 2km.
It was an unfamiliar place and strangers around us when we arrived.
Though, I did recognize a few runners who joins almost all the marathon and running races held by either inside campus or off-campus.
There were about 45 runners for female categories which technically worried me.
All-time marathon champion, Amirul told me to lead the group when running, which means I should probably sprint a little bit to be the first ahead the group.
Well, that's what exactly my coach told me when I was Form 4. He's right!!
It was really killing me when I stride as fast as I could to be in front of everyone.
I had barely slept the night before, that's why making me suffocating.
I felt tiring but my mind keep reminding me that I had to hold until the end.
I heard footsteps not far from me...And all I knew is continue to run.
When i was about 800m to the finish line, I met my friend from male category, running their route.
He told me behind me was clear, nobody within his view.
Wow~nevertheless, I did not dare to trust him. There MUST be somebody, maybe hid behind a lamp post, which he probably didn't see.
In the end, I got the first place and won a hamper for that.
The sunlight narrowing my eyes

I felt nausea not long after finish the race. @@
=) =) =)

The runners

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