Saturday, March 26, 2011

Curious Saturday

Tick and Tock... The clock shows 8.15PM now.
I'm sweaty... I've just come back from running or jogging more precisely.
It was quite dark outside while I ran on the track along the road.
Isshhh... I started unusually late today. Someone or something has made me delayed my routine.
My friends always say that it's inappropriate to go jogging after sunset. Especially I'm always doing this alone.
They have advised me to return earlier because according to them, it's absolutely dangerous.
Robbery, stalkers, attackers, and some perverted psychopaths
Well, you don't realize you're in dangerous situation unless you're facing harms.

However, I do always keep alert, I'm actually aware of whoever comes near me.
If there's some curly hair with dark skin feller moving towards me, I would make up my mind, and think what should I do if he literally attack me, where should I place my kicks on his body, look around me to search for the escape route, and what should I do if he take out a knife...

If you'd say it's dangerous in the dark, even my roomate said it's not secure for me to stay around the lake.
Then why do the couples like to stay in the darkness.
Because they have two person?
Things I have observed during my workouts:
There were a couple who has just arrived. After parking, they walked swiftly towards the nearest hut.
To my amazement, they returned to their car before stepping their foot in the shed.
I realized then they left for the shed had already occupied by another couple.
Poor them, they have to look for another location.

People usually got curious...
Why on earth I go exercise everyday, well, almost everyday.
When the question got me, I am not so certain with the answer.
Maybe because I do this out of habits.
I've recently heard a question " Why do we need to exercise?"

There's something about nerve.. The explanation is still vague...
I like exercise. Perhaps I should get abs for myself. =D
Will it be too extreme?

It's EARTH HOUR today.
Light off period has just passed. A few minutes ago.
There's a number of people came out with questions and posts on Facebook earlier like " What should we do during lights off?" " Any plans tonight?"
And someone suggested that we should go candle-lit dinner, a ride out to watch the city and so on.
But at this instant, what I prefer is turn off all the lights, and all electronic devices if possible and light up some aromatherapy candles or diffusers, lie down and enjoy some sleep.
A aroma oil body massage would be awesome!

Obviously I don't have any of them. That's why I was sitting and writing this in the darkness.
I have been visiting Wonderful today =)
I will write again...

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  1. wow... aroma oil body massage!!! i wan too! XD