Monday, April 25, 2011

25th April Random

This world is full of realism, more than you think.
If you think it's hardly believable, you are just not ready to go deeper part of this world.
You're probably still naive, too new and fresh to this realistic society.

Realistic people are uncountable. Some of them are born-to-be realistic. They just have this in their nature, from the minute they were born. Some raised to become a realistic person.Some people are influenced by the realism in this society. They are becoming a part of the realism because they think they have to be realistic to survive.

Sad, but true...

Write soon.
I had uploaded this same image before, but i found it suits more to this post.
Again, it's 5am now. ZZZZzzzzz


  1. Reality is a akin to a kaleidoscope, each time time u see it, it's always different from the last time u saw it. We thought reality changes, changes to something dark or devil, however, Reality didn't change. We just changed, coz we hav grown up =) History texts have shown us enough those evil kinds of people outside there, and at the same time, people might also think that we are evil, our presence simply make them unpleasant and uncomfortable. No matter what we do, there're ppl like to judge us, we are not DOLLAR, cant make everyone likes us. Use wisdom to manage problems, use ur tactfulness in approaching people. Frankly, a lot ppl get SICK and STUCK outside there. Get ready once u stepped outside ur door.

  2. Same as you, i believe in karma too. There are people who deserve our smile and there are those who should not be given even a damn! Don't change yourself, add more features instead and you will know only being flexible could walk you around this jungle :D There is only one and only thing is certain, which is, nothing is certain. Conquer and embrace :D