Thursday, April 7, 2011

Randomise Sweetness

It's Sweet, 
when I received a call at 6.30 early morning asking me to join a running race. Sweet!

Sweet, when I met strangers and they smiled cheerfully to me on my way jogging up and down the hill.

Sweet, when I met a friendly stranger and he asked with much concern whether I was all right. I was surprised on his concerning too. But according to him, I run most of the time and this time, i was walking. So he asked me whether I was okay.

Sweet, I met the same stranger this evening. I asked him to jog along. He was busy with his chores and he will make it tomorrow.

Sweet, I met the all-time-marathon-champion, Amirul Syazwan up the hill. He said" jiayou" to me. =)

Sweet, I received a good night short message a couple minutes ago which I have not got this kind of message for quite a while.

Write again Soon!

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