Friday, April 15, 2011

I am sick, No, I am NOT.

I am sick,
I am not sick.
I am feeling well,
I am feeling not well
I am sick,
I am not sick
I am feeling well,
I am feeling not well.
I am sick,
I am not sick.

Is it me or my body which is getting crazier and crazier?
I have this strange feeling since Tuesday.
I feel sick. All the symptoms of getting a fever approach me.
My exhalation feels warmer than usual, my joints all over my body feel aching, my stamina is getting worse and I feel sleepy and tiring. I feel not well when I am walking. And  I sleep extraordinary longer than usual.
It's suffering. But I am not sick. Even though I feel my forehead is in higher temperature inside, it feels nothing than usual when you place your hand on it.
Is it because of me being too worry to get sick or this obsession of thoughts about being sick brings me this whole stupid feeling?

Ahhhh... Okay, whatever.
Prevention is better than cure. So Jeannie suggested that I should drink some Chinese traditional herbal tea.
And there we were in the pasar malam earlier, in the drizzle, at a Chinese Herbal tea stall.
I chose to drink the most bitter herbal tea of the stall.
Chinese has a saying that, the good medicine is the one bitter.
Wow, it was hard to swallow, but i did it in disguise.

So I hope I would feel better tomorrow. And good luck for the presentation tomorrow.

Can't talk. Got to go. 
Have a presentation slides to work on.
I will write again. Good night.


  1. take care and rest more... u will feel better~! i got some Chinese herbal tea in my room also, can get u some if u still feel a bit sick~! it is bitter also... >.<